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Certified Bed Bug Free

Get the confidence you need from Killingsworth's Bed Bug Team. We have the largest K9 team in the Charlotte area and can help your business deal with almost any bed bug problem. 

Bed Bug K-9 Detection

Because bed bugs are small and mobile they can be difficult to detect. That's why at Killingsworth, our bed bugs specialists use K-9 Detection to make sure that your facility is bed-bug free. After our specialist confirm a problem we will discuss how to best treat your facility to eradicate the bed bugs.


Killingsworth Commercial Bed Bug Process

We have a step-by-step process for removing bed bugs from your facility. With our specialist and the Carolinas largest team of bed bug detecting K9s we detect and treat bed bugs in almost any business. Our process has been shown to work time after time

Bed Bug K9 Detection and Visual Inspection

One of our trained K9 Handlers will perform an inspection of your home to confirm the presence of bed bugs. Not only are they trained to detect a bed bug issue visually, they also have a highly trained K9 with them if necessary. Trained dogs are able to detect bed bugs at a success rate of 98%, as compared to humans who have a much lower success rate. Our goal is to find evidence of a bed bug infestation before we discuss treatments methods.



Bed Bug Treatments

We have the equipment necessary to correct the problem areas in your home. There are two common treatment methods to treat for Bed Bugs, Heat Treatments and Chemical Treatments. The method of treatment is case-by-case, and we will advise the best approach once an issue is confirmed. When using Thermal Remediation, heaters gradually raise the temperature to 135 degrees Fahrenheit while under constant supervision — the minimum temperature required to effectively kill bed bugs. Over several hours, the heaters will exterminate bed bugs and their eggs.



Bed Bug Post-treatment Clearance

In most cases, after heat remediation is performed our K9s will be brought back to your home to check if any bed bugs are still present. If necessary, we can perform a second round of thermal remediation treatment. This final inspection gives you the peace of mind to get back to life as normal and trust the issue is resolved.



Think You Might Have Bed Bugs?

Live Bed Bugs What Do Bed Bugs Look Like Charlotte Nc

Live Bugs

Bed bugs are very small and can appear to just be a speck of dirt. Until the dirt moves. Bed bugs are tiny only a few millimeters long. They are a rusty-brown color and have oval shapes bodies. In addition to their small size bed bugs are great at avoiding notice. While typically found in between mattresses and box spring, they can also be found in trim, pictures, carpet, furniture, and clothing. Since the bugs are so small there are other indicators you can look for as well.

What Does Bed Bugs Staining Look Like Charlotte Nc


Bed bugs can be found practically anywhere in your facility once an infestation has occurred. A sign of bed bugs are rust-colored stains that are in the form of an "x" on fabric, carpet or furniture. Since bed bugs feed on human blood, so they tend to congregate wherever people spend the most time. In an office setting that may be a waiting room or individuals desks.

Bed Bug Eggs Eleminate Bedbugs Charlotte Nc

Egg & Shells

It is a good idea to also keep an eye out for the eggs that bed bug leave behind. Bed bug eggs look similar to pearly-white grains of salt. In order to stick to surfaces bed bugs eggs are coated in a sticky substance that allows them to adhere to walls, ceilings, furniture, and other surfaces. Eggs can be extremely difficult to find for an untrained eye.

Once the bugs hatch the eggshells look flat and dry.

Bed Bug Bites Eleminate Bedbugs Charlotte Nc Killingsworth

Bed bug Bites

Bites are often Bed bug bites are often confused with flea or mosquito bites or even skin rashes. A bed bug bite will appear as a raised red welt and will likely burn and itch. Bites may appear in straight lines or in an irregular cluster on the skin, because of the bites occurring as the bed bug moves across the skin.

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