1. Mosquito Control

The Carolinas Commercial Mosquito Control


Let your employees and customers experience the outdoors to the fullest with professional mosquito control services.  We’re here to help take control of the outside spaces around your business. 

Our mosquito control services are aimed at addressing the factors that cause mosquitoes and establishing the right barrier to stop reproduction. Application intervals can be customized for your business needs, with treatments typically occurring monthly in the warmer season. 

Mosquitoes are a threat to humans and animals, but also to your business and its reputation.  Professional mosquito control services are best bet for controlling infestations.

Mosquito Control Services: Our Step-by-Step Process

Our process involves regular pesticide application from March through November, when the weather is warm and mosquitoes are most active. Rest assured that our licensed professionals are able to protect non-target organisms, such as bees, and minimize the drift of chemicals into areas like your garden.

Identifying Mosquito Habitats

One of our pest experts will go over any mosquito-related concerns you may have at your business. They will look for places that may require extra attention and locate where mosquitoes may be breeding. If a potential breeding area can’t be drained, we can treat in a way that is safe to all non-target organisms, such as bees, butterflies, birds and aquatic life.

Reduce Existing Mosquito Population

Once we have identified breeding areas we move on to eliminate the adult mosquitoes. This stops the mosquitoes breeding cycle. Approximately every month, we will apply a residual pesticide to any vegetation mosquitos may land on. This guarantees that mosquitoes that come to your business  will come into contact with the pesticide at some point, which eliminates adult mosquitoes .

We never spray concrete slabs, bird baths, or fountains.

Routine Commercial Mosquito Protection

The climate of the Carolinas is very conducive to mosquitoes to live and breed. That is why we suggest an ongoing mosquito treatments to our commercial clients. Our treatment will create an invisible barrier around your facility that kills mosquitoes that attempt to visit your business and bite your employees or visitors.

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