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  1. 16 Father's Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Love

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

16 Father's Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Love

16 Lawn And Garden Gifts For The Outdoorsy Dads

June is an important month for quite a few reasons. Not only is it the halfway mark in the calendar year (how is 2019 half-over already?!) and the first month of summer, but it’s also the month we get to celebrate our dads. Since 1910, we have been celebrating Father’s Day every third Sunday of June. While the dads, step-dads, grandpas and father-like-figures should be celebrated every day, it’s important to go all-out when showing our appreciation on Father’s Day. So, to give you a few gift ideas for the hard-working, yard-loving, outdoorsy dads in your life, we created this lawn and garden gift guide. You’re sure to find at least one gift idea your dad will love—if not more than one! Follow along with us below for 16 gift ideas any dad is sure to appreciate.

1. Compact Pressure Washer

If you’ve noticed your dad has been struggling to eliminate the mildew, grime or stains off of his house or driveway, consider gifting him with a compact pressure washer. While compact may indicate less power, we can assure you it doesn’t! There are many compact pressure washers that provide the same, high-pressure as a regular pressure washer. Plus, a compact washer will be easier for your dad to stow away in a shed or garage.

2. Bird Feeder

If your dad is an avid bird watcher, give him a bird feeder. While you could go the traditional route, there are plenty of new, creative options that your dad is sure to enjoy. For instance, this Hummingbird feeder from Hummerbar allows 22 birds to drink from the same feeder. Typically, only one Hummingbird can enjoy the sweet nectar from a regular feeder—but why watch only one Hummingbird when you can watch 22! This multi-bird feeder is just one example of ways you can get creative with your Father’s Day gift. Think about your dad’s personality, and which birds he enjoys watching the most. Then you’ll be able to pick the perfect feeder dad will love.

3. Plants

For dads who love gardening, buy them a new plant (or plants) for their home or garden. Not only will this spruce up his home or lawn, but also symbolize your growing love for your dad. A custom pot can elevate a plant, too. A personalized message will speak volumes, and remind your dad just how much you care. Just be sure to do your research first! You don’t want to gift your dad with a plant that won’t thrive in his home or lawn. And if you need any tips about outdoor or houseplants, we have a few of those, too.

4. Bucket Hat

Does your dad have that one hat he always wears when he’s mowing, weeding or gardening? It feels like almost every dad has the same go-to hat they’ve been using for years. If it’s time to upgrade, invest in a new bucket hat this Father’s Day! While a bucket hat may not be the most attractive hat option, it adds an extra level of sun protection you can’t get with a regular baseball cap. Plus, you can snag a bucket hat almost anywhere, and spend as much (or as little) as you’d like.

5. Hammock

Every outdoorsy dad needs a place in the yard where he can kick back and relax—which is why a hammock is a perfect option! Hammocks have evolved tremendously in recent years, from heavy, stationary hammocks to lightweight, portable ENO’s. Regardless of which hammock you decide, gifting your dad with some much-needed relaxation is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

6. Wood Chipper

Help your dad say goodbye to pesky limbs and twigs in his yard with a wood chipper. Not only will this eliminate debris in his lawn, but also give him some fresh mulch to add to his plants or garden. While this might be a more expensive Father’s Day gift, it’s one that will last and be a helping hand for your dad around the yard.

7. Wheelbarrow or Cart

For lugging heavy equipment, new plants, mulch and more around the lawn, get your dad a new wheelbarrow or cart. We suggest investing in one made of steel. While it may be heavier to operate, its durability is unmatched! It’s sure to be a Father’s Day gift that keeps giving (and giving) for years to come.

8. Garden Pruner

Garden pruners are becoming even handier these days! With many companies offering two-in-one gardening shears and pruners, you’re bound to find an efficient (and affordable) option for Father’s Day. A multi-purpose pruner will help your dad keep his lawn, garden and plants in tip-top shape. Not to mention the extra brownie points for pairing this gift with a new outdoor or indoor plant!

9. Grill

It’s almost summer and if your dad doesn’t have a grill, he needs one. After all, being a Grill Master is a title every dad wants to earn! Pick a grill that comfortably accommodates for the amount of food that needs to be prepared. Grills come in all sizes, and at various price ranges, so you should have no trouble finding a grill that is the right fit for your dad and your budget.

10. Gardening Gloves

Weeding and gardening can cause discomfort and pain to your hands, especially without gloves. Help your dad protect his hard-working hands with a sturdy set of gardening gloves! As with anything else, you can spend as much or as little as you want on gardening gloves. However, usually the more you spend, the more durable and long-lasting the gloves will be.

11. Nut Gatherer

If trees in the yard are constantly dropping acorns, nuts and seeds (and attracting pesky squirrels), then your dad needs a nut gatherer for Father’s Day! This handy tool will snag any and all nuts that may have fallen into the yard, making it easier than ever to collect and dispose of them.

12. Weeder

Long-gone are the days of hand-pulling weeds. If your dad is still tugging at weeds by hand, he needs a weeder for Father’s Day. A weeder is a helpful tool because it penetrates the soil and reaches the root of the weed, allowing you to pull it out with ease. No weeds, no fuss—easy enough!

13. Gutter Cleaner

An electric gutter cleaner is sure to make any dad’s Father’s Day. Gutter cleaning can be a hassle, not to mention time-consuming. An electric gutter cleaner can help make the process easier by removing and blowing away any debris that may be clogging the gutters. Your dad is sure to be thankful for the time and energy saved on gutter cleaning!

14. Lawn Game

Summertime lawn games are a great way to bring the family together outside and foster some healthy competition. While there are countless lawn game options, we suggest treating your dad to his own set of cornhole boards. The best part is, you can order custom cornhole boards that feature your dad’s name, favorite sports team and more. This extra level of personalization makes this Father’s Day gift really stand out.

15. Portable Stereo

And while you’re enjoying a heated cornhole tournament, why not have some music to go along with it? A portable stereo will let your dad enjoy his favorite music wherever he wants. Whether he’s mowing the yard, working in the garage or tending to the garden, he’ll be able to enjoy his favorite tunes on the move.

16. Killingsworth’s Premium Lawn Care Package

Or, give your dad the gift of the perfect lawn without him having to lift a finger! This Father’s Day, gift your dad with our Premium Lawn Care Package. When you invest in our lawn care package, you get specialized, expert lawn care all year long. We’ll take care of your dad’s lawn through every season, allowing him the time to do what he does best—be a dad (and come up with more corny dad jokes!). To learn more about our Premium Lawn Care Package, contact us, or schedule a service with our lawn professionals. Lastly, from all of us here at Killingsworth, Happy Father’s Day to all of the hard-working, family-loving dads out there!