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Lincoln County NC Pest Control

Lincoln County North Carolina and its county seat are in a high plateau, most of which is part of the piedmont region. Lincoln County originally included over 1800 miles, but partitions to build other counties reduced it to approximately 305 square miles.

Lincoln County offers its residents lots to do, including a wealth of outdoor activities both on and off the waters of Lake Norman. Much of Lincoln county also offers residents a slighter slower pace of life away from the business and traffic of Mecklenburg county.

However, like the rest of the Carolinas homeowners can have troubles with pests coming into their homes. If you need pest control for your home in Lincoln County, North Carolina, call your local pest control professionals at Killingworth Environmental.


Lincolnton, NC

Lincolnton, NC is the county seat of Lincoln County. Lincolnton was founded in 1779 and incorporated as a town in 1810. It became the seat of Lincoln when the county was carved from Mecklenburg County in 1792. Lincolnton was laid out with a central courthouse surrounded by a grid plan of streets, blocks, and lots with four primary streets—East Main, West Main, North Aspen and South Aspen—leading from the courthouse and dividing the town into quadrants.

Over time, development in Lincolnton filled the original grid plan, expanded it, and eventually moved beyond it while maintaining the four principal arteries like compass points. However, that grid still defines the town and makes it a unique feature of Lincolnton.

Don’t worry that you have a unique pest problem that the pros at Killingsworth can't solve. With over 27+ years of experience in the Carolinas, we have seen it all. Whether your problem is roaches or ants, mosquitoes, or termites, Killingsworth can help you with your pest problems.

Denver, NC

Denver, NC lies at the east end of Lincoln County in western North Carolina. Denver has the enviable position of being located on the shores of Lake Norman, the largest lake in North Carolina. Lying just north of Charlotte, and near the geographic center of North Carolina, residents often enjoy a central location to all that the region has to offer. Denver is also home to two major golf courses -- Quail Valley Golf Course and Legend Oaks, as well as several smaller ones.Lincoln county nc pest control exterminator

Whether you live on the links or on the lake, pest control is necessary to protect your home and family.

Iron Station, NC

Iron Station, NC is an unincorporated region of Lincoln County, North Carolina. It mainly serves as a rural bedroom community home for its members. Most of the population tend to work in the larger towns surrounding Iron Station. However, the area of Iron Station provides a welcome relief from the craziness of the larger cities.

But with large areas of water and woods, the homes in Iron Station are a great refuge for pests. Whether it is roaches, termites, mosquitoes, or mice, Killingsworth has you covered. In fact, our termite treatment protects your house 24/7/365.

We also service the unincorporated areas of Lincoln County as well. Just because you live in a smaller community doesn’t mean you shouldn't get quality pest control from a company born right here in the Carolinas. So no matter if you live in Westport, Laurel Hill, Polkadot or Lowesville, or really almost anywhere in Lincoln County, North Carolina we can help with your pest control issues.

In addition, we offer the best termite control to protect your home 24/7/365 that kills the whole termite colony!


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