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Catawba County, NC

Catawba County, named for the Catawba River, was formed in 1842 from a part of Lincoln County. The word "Catawba" is rooted in the Choctaw sound “kat'a pa”. A loose translation of that the word means "to divide or separate, to break." This is appropriate since Catawba County was broken off Lincoln County and Catawba is separated from its neighboring northern and eastern counties by Lake Norman and Lake Hickory, respectively.

While residents love the proximity to the water, we know that sometimes more moisture, means more pests! Killingsworth Environmental has proudly served lower Catawba County for decades but now we serve all of Catawba County! From Maiden to Newton to Lake Norman to Claremont to Longview we can help with your pests, termite, ants, mosquito, and bedbug problems!


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Hickory NC

Hickory, North Carolina is located at the foothills of the mountains along the shores of the Catawba River. Hickory effortlessly balances the charm of a small-town, with the conveniences of a larger city. Long the capital for furniture making in North Carolina, Hickory still houses companies that have been creating home furnishings for decades.

Have you found that your Hickory residence houses some undesirable pests? Be sure to call the experts at Killingsworth Environmental. We have decades of experience dealing with Carolina pests.

Catawba NC

Catawba, North Carolina’s namesake is the county and ultimately the indigenous people who lived in this area of the Carolinas. Catawba is a relatively tiny town with only about 600 people. Despite its small size Catawba has a comparably large historic district. The district includes 19th century farmhouses used as residences and commercial buildings.

If pests are invading your residence or commercial building, reach out to the professional pest control experts at Killingsworth. We have served the Carolinas for over 27 years and have the knowledge and expertise to solve any pest problems you may encounter.

Newton, NC

Newton, North Carolina is in the center of Catawba County and is the county seat. As its population has grown to almost 13,000 residents, Newton has also diversified the types of businesses that call it home. While Newton’s roots are primarily in manufacturing, investment and strategy in growth have enabled it to become ranked as the 2nd best business environment in North Carolina.

If your environment, whether business or commercial, is being inundated with pests, call on the experts at Killingsworth to help. We protect over 50,000 homeowners in the region from pests, termites and more!

Maiden NC

Maiden, North Carolina residents have a few different theories on where the name of their town originated. The Maiden Cane plant, another river of the same name In Pennsylvania, or Native American origins could all have contributed to the town's name. Maiden is located primarily in Catawba but also a bit of the area resides in Lincoln County. So, while a lot of Maiden may seem to be divided by name, origin, or county, the one thing that unites them is the small-town charm of the town.

If your charming home is being overrun with pests then it is time to call in the experts from Killingsworth. Whether you have mosquitos, ants, roaches, or rodents, we can help eradicate them.

Conover, NC

Conover, North Carolina, incorporated in 1877, was originally known as Wye Town because it started at the “Y” intersection of the North Carolina Railroad. Conover is centered in Catawba County. Between Hickory, Newton, and Claremont, Conover, North Carolina is the fastest growing city in the Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton area.

If you have a fast-growing pest problem in Conover, you need to reach out to the pest experts at Killingsworth Environmental. We can help with bedbugs, ants, mosquitos, termites, and pretty much any other pest in the Carolinas.Catawba County NC pest control

Claremont, NC

Claremont, North Carolina, was named after Clare Sigmon, the daughter of one of the original settlers of the town. The town of Clarmeont is home to the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge, one of the last covered bridges in North Carolina and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
If your place is getting covered by bugs and other pests let Killingsworth help! Whether it’s mosquitos, termites, or ants we can help you!

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Longview NC

Long View, North Carolina has an interesting historic relationship with “space”. Sam D. Campbell, who was a prominent citizen of Longview, apparently named the town after remarking that there was a long view between where he was standing and the town of Hickory, North Carolina. And while the town was initially referred to itself as “Longview” as one word, when it was incorporated by the state of North Carolina it was entered as “Long View”.

Today, Long View spans both Catawba and Burke counties and Killingsworth Environmental is ready to help if your “space” is being invaded by pests.

If you need pest control anywhere in Catawba County whether it’s mosquitos, bedbugs, roaches, ants, or termites, Killingsworth Environmental can help.


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