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Pest Control in Pineville, NC

Killingsworth Environmental offers Pineville, NC residents some of the best pest control in the area. Our customer reviews average a 4.9-star review on Google! Killingsworth gives you, your family, and your home the protection you want and deserve.

Killingsworth pest control has helped the homeowners and businesses of Pineville, NC, and the rest of Mecklenburg County, for over 27 years. With that much experience in Pineville, our specialists know how to help with almost every pest control question you may have.
From the historic downtown to the quaint neighborhoods of Pineville, Killingsworth has got you covered. Need help with termites, ants, mosquitoes, roaches, or almost any other pests? Guess what? Killingsworth Environmental can help.

Smarter and Safer Pest Control in Pineville, NC

Killingworth has moved on from the traditional “spray and pray concept” exterminator idea that unfortunately many of our competitors still subscribe to. Killingsworth adheres to the philosophy of Integrated Pest Management or IPM for short.
IPM means that our pest control pros use their knowledge of the area (in this case Pineville, NC), weather, micro-climate, pest pressures, and your home to create a pest prevention solution that works for you.

Killingsworth IPM means that our pest control is safer for your family, pets, and home all while keeping pests at bay.

Save Money on Pest Control in Pineville, NC

Killingsworth wants to make pest control affordable for all homeowners. In fact, with a Killingsworth bundle, you can control pests like termites and mosquitoes together.. Going with Killingsworth will save you over $320 a year if you purchase a termite and mosquito pest package. Think about not having to worry about mosquitoes biting you all spring, summer, and fall. That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?


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The Benefit of Professional Pest Control in Pineville, NC

When you partner with Killingsworth on your pest control you aren’t just hiring a company. We know what solutions to use for your individual problem pests or insects. When you use our professional pest control company, we know how to make sure your pests are gone. Most importantly, we know how to make sure they stay gone.

Read our raving reviews from our current customers and get a free no-obligation quote right over the phone for your pest control in Pineville, NC. Give us a call now!

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