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Safe, Effective & Affordable Lawn Care

Killingsworth has been providing affordable lawn care and lawn maintenance services to homeowners in North and South Carolina since 1993. We have simplified and perfected the process of managing your lawn, shrubs, and ornamentals; and have the experience to help you overcome the top three common issues for lawns: weeds, diseases, and water levels.


Aeration and Overseeding

Need Aeration and Overseeding? We only use Blue Tag Certified Seed, 100% Weed Free

Our Service Professionals can help you identify your lawn care needs and provide a customized solution to make sure your lawn is lush and healthy. If you suspect your lawn is suffering from compacted soil, give us a call! Killingsworth uses a plug aerating tool that goes beyond poking holes in the soil. Our method removes a plug -- or core -- of grass for more effective aeration. For best results, aerate your lawn once a year!


Pre-emergent is used in the beginning stages of your lawn care treatment. This herbicide works to control the growth of crabgrass and many other annual weeds that commonly grow in North and South Carolina yards.

Killingsworth offers pre- and post emergent products to help your lawn look its best!

Weed Control

Killingsworth weed control specifically targets broadleaf weeds such as clovers, dandelions, chickweed, henbit, bittercress, spotted spurge, and more.

Insect Control

Turf damaging insects, such as grubs and armyworms, feed on soil and organic matter which prevents your lawn from flourishing. Killingsworth insect control works to target these lawn pests and prevent future infestations.

Poa Annua Control

Poa annua is a troublesome winter grassy weed seen in all turf types that leaves ‘dead spots’ throughout the lawn. Our poa annua control targets this annual bluegrass through pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides.

Organic Enhancement

Organic matter is used to enrich soil composition by providing it with essential nutrients and allowing it to retain more moisture. It feeds your soil microorganisms that are important for a balanced ecosystem.

Proper soil testing will let us know if your lawn could benefit from organic enhancement.


Fertilizers contain various essential plant nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Killingsworth fertilizers are specifically formulated for the season as well as the turf type.

Tree and Shrub Care

Think of healthy trees and shrubs as the perfect accessory for your landscape. Killingsworth Tree and Shrub Care includes Seasonal Tree and Shrub Treatments throughout the year to ensure that you have a landscape you can be proud of. Killingsworth services can help you ensure your entire landscape is green, healthy, and beautiful.

We offer protection against damaging insects and disease as well as landscape fertilization.

Questions & Comments

If you have questions about our services, plans, and pricing or just want to say hello, we are here for you. Call or fill out the form to communicate by email.

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Lawn Service from Killingsworth

Does Killingsworth Provide Year-Round Lawn Care?

We provide lawn care services year-round in every package to ensure your yard stays healthy during every season.

When Is A Good Time To Apply Pre-Emergent?

The timing for pre-emergent application is based on the type of weed being targeted. Crabgrass pre-emergent needs to be applied in late winter into spring months, whereas Poa Annua needs to be treated late summer through the fall. Other factors include environmental conditions and soil temperatures.

How Does Killingsworth Treat Poa Annua?

Our Poa Annua control targets this annual bluegrass through pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. Timing of control is based on the specific turf type.

How Do I Know Which Lawn Care Services My Lawn Needs?

We have a lawn care quiz to help you determine which services you may need. Just answer a few simple questions about your lawn and it’ll diagnose the issue.

Weed Control (1)

Weeds in Your Yard

Anyone who has a yard understands the annoyance and stubbornness of weeds. The cause could be from improper mowing (mowing too short can create crabgrass in fescue lawns) and pH levels of the soil (too high or low can create different types of weeds).


Quick Tips: Guide to Managing Weeds 

Lawn Disease Solutions From Killingsworth

Lawn Disease

Disease can be just as devastating to a lawn. This is mostly caused by improper watering and hot weather. The combination of hot temperatures and wet grass can lead to fungus and disease.


Changing Water Levels 300X200 (1)

Water Levels

Moisture management in lawn care is often underestimated. If your yard burns out because it doesn’t get enough water, that is when weeds can creep in fast. But, if you overwater, fungus can produce terrible disease.

We have products that can help reduce water use by 50%!

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