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Carolina Mosquito Control

Enjoy your yard to the fullest with our professional mosquito control services. We’re here to help you finally take back your outdoor spaces knowing mosquitoes aren’t bugging you (or your pets)!

Our mosquito control services consist of applying long-lasting residual pesticides around the perimeter of your home. Applications are done from March through November to protect you throughout mosquito season.

Mosquitoes are a threat to humans and animals because they are carrier pests that spread harmful diseases and viruses. A proactive mosquito treatment can prevent these pesky insects from taking over your yard and reduce your chances of contracting an unwanted disease or virus. In fact, mosquitoes have never been more dangerous than they are right now, carrying viruses like Zika, West Nile, and Malaria.

Without a doubt, professional mosquito control services are your best bet for controlling infestations!

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The Carolinas Residential Pest Control

Your home and family are unique and deserve custom pest protection. By examining every nook, cranny and susceptible pest entry point in your home, we’re able to provide a comprehensive level of treatment that’s guaranteed to keep pests out for good. Each of our pest control plans come with baseline services that go above and beyond the standard treatment.

Mosquito Control Services: Our Step-by-Step Process

Our process involves regular pesticide application from March through November, when the weather is warm and mosquitoes are most active. Rest assured that our licensed professionals are able to protect non-target organisms, such as bees, and minimize the drift of chemicals into areas like your garden.

Identifying Mosquito Habitats

One of our pest experts will arrive at your home and go over any mosquito-related concerns you may have. At this time, let your tech know if there are any areas that require extra attention where you believe mosquitoes may be breeding. From that point, we will identify any potential breeding places around your home and notify you of what needs to be drained of water. If it can’t be drained, we have treatments that are completely safe to all non-target organisms, such as bees and butterflies. It can even be used in bird baths or ponds with aquatic life.

Eliminate Existing Mosquitoes

Once the habitats have been identified, the next step is to eliminate the adult mosquitoes in order to stop the breeding cycle. Approximately every 28 days, a residual pesticide will be sprayed onto any vegetation they may be attracted to and areas of standing water. This guarantees that all mosquitoes that land in your yard will come into contact with the pesticide at some point.

We never spray children’s toys, pet supplies, concrete slabs, bird baths, or fountains.

On-Going Mosquito Protection

The warm, humid climate of the Carolinas makes your yard the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed almost all year long. Because of this, long-term mosquito control treatment is essential. Our expert treatment will create an invisible barrier around your property that eradicates any mosquitoes who think about coming into your yard.

Why You Need Mosquito Control in the Carolinas

Throughout the Carolinas, Charlotte tends to rank as one of the worst cities for mosquitoes. Around here, Carolina mosquito control is a need — not a want!

Three mosquito species are common in our area: Northern House mosquitoes, Asian Tiger mosquitoes, and Eastern Saltmarsh mosquitoes. Each has similar feeding and breeding behaviors, and are mainly found at night.

Mosquito-borne illnesses to be aware of include dengue, chikungunya, La Crosse encephalitis, and Zika virus. Ranging from mild illnesses to life-threatening diseases, it’s possible to contract any one of these here in the Carolinas. Even our pets are at risk since mosquitoes can cause heartworms in dogs and cats!

Mosquito treatment is valuable for many reasons. Imagine no longer having to stock up on mosquito spray, candles, and obnoxiously-scented products (which can be toxic to children and pets). Plus, our technicians know what to use, when, and how much in order to protect any beneficial pests from being mistakenly targeted. We do everything for you in terms of Carolina mosquito control – all you have to do is enjoy your outdoor space!

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Killingworth Control Mosquito Habitats Charlotte Carolinas Too


Mosquitoes and water go hand-in-hand. These pests require just a small amount of water to breed and lay their eggs in. All they need is a pond, bird bath, flower pot, or standing water on your lawn, to reproduce

High Temperatures Mean More Mosquitos Ccexpress


As cold-blooded pests, mosquitoes can only survive in warm environments. Which is why you tend to find them in places like North and South Carolina (and why Carolina mosquito control is crucial)!

Eleminate Yard Debris Stacked Wood That Help Harbor Mosquitos


Debris around your property, such as leaf piles, grass clippings, compost piles, or stacked wood are all potential homes for mosquitoes. These tiny pests can’t fly very well in windy conditions, so they seek places to hide out when they’re in need of shelter.

Landscaped Bushes And Trees Give Mosquitos Hiding Places In Your Yard


The midday sun is often too intense for mosquitoes so they tend to hide in your vegetation for shade. You can find them underneath leaves, tall grasses, trees, and shrubs. The more landscaping you have, the more likely they are there in hiding!

Mosquitos Breed In Clogged Gutters And Drains


Mosquitoes love to live in clogged drains and gutters because it provides both shelter and water for them to breed in. Because most homeowners don’t keep up with cleaning out their drains and gutters, mosquitoes are left to do what they please.

Mosquitos Are Attracted To C02 Of Pets And People Killingsworth Mosquito Control


There’s no getting around it, the number one thing mosquitoes are attracted to is you and your pets! CO2 and the chemicals naturally released from our bodies draws mosquitoes in like moths to a flame. If you have pets or livestock, expect mosquitoes to come in larger numbers. The more bodies = the more mosquitoes.

Frequently Asked Mosquito Control Questions

Do You Only Perform Mosquito Control Charlotte?

We serve residences throughout both of the Carolinas in and around the greater Charlotte area! Our service area is constantly growing please contact us to see if we can help you.

How Long Does Mosquito Control Last?

The residual product we apply lasts roughly 28 days. We spray it on a regular basis when pests are most active to make sure we reach as many of them as possible.

Why Is Spraying Only Done From March Through November?

This is because spraying during the mosquito off-season isn’t necessary. We only use pesticides when it makes sense, and never because we’re simply needing to check a box as part of a service.

Is Your Mosquito Treatment Harmful To Pets Or Children?

We do not spray on any pet’s or children’s items. Like anything, the product we use is generally safe for normal use. That being said, do not allow your children or pets to intentionally ingest the product.

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