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Why Aerate Your Yard?

As a Charlotte homeowner, you attempt to attain and maintain a healthy, lush, and exquisite yard.
This takes loads of your time and energy for every individual want for our yard. You must mow, fertilize the yard water occasionally, seed for brand new growth, treat for weeds, diseases, and insects, the list goes on and on.
However, one technique homeowners don’t often use is aeration. We think that aeration is one of the necessary tools within the lawncare book, however many owners may not see the worth.


Do I need Aeration?

In a word, yes. If you want a stunning healthy yard aeration ought to be on your list. fortunately, Killingsworth will help!

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How does Aeration & Overseeding Work?

The process of core aeration involves introducing tiny holes in your yard down into the soil below. this process opens up the soil allowing water, air, and nutrients directly into the root zone. This method means roots will grow deeper and build your yard stronger against factors that may have a negative impact.
One of the best reasons for aerating is to lighten up compact soil (soil with several solid particles at intervals an exact volume or space). Compact soil cuts off the circulation of air and prevents water and nutrients from penetrating through the soil and to the roots.

In addition, yard thatch (that loose layer of dead and living grass, stems, and roots that develop between your grass and the surface of the soil) may starve the roots from these essential components.

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How often should I Aerate in the greater Charlotte Area?

Aeration should be done annually, twice a year if possible. Aeration helps your yard by
● Reducing soil compaction
● Allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate soil
● Reducing water runoff from your yard
● Promotes a stronger root system to shield against heat and drought
● Creates a hiding place & solid soil contact for any overseeding

The Benefits of Fall Overseeding

September approaches and the air is getting cooler and you notice your lawn is getting a little thin or it’s browning in some spots. Chances are that the stress from the summer months are taking their toll. Overseeding your tall fescue lawn in the fall is your best way to ensure a solid stand of turf going into the winter. Here’s why you should consider fall overseeding as part of your yard maintenance:

● Tall fescue is a cool season grass that takes a beating in the summer months. Turf density can be lost from heat & drought stress, disease, and insects. Tall fescue does not have the ability to repair itself well and therefore new varieties need to be introduced through the overseeding process.
● Random weeds trying to sprout will have a hard time forcing their way through your soil if your lawn is thick, healthy, and ready to defend itself.
● Increased grass thickness helps to prevent erosion from heavy activity and foot traffic.
● Your lawn will look gorgeous, increasing your home’s curb appeal and giving you the best yard on the block.
● Grass ages and eventually needs to be replaced. Worn-out lawns are more susceptible to weeds. Overseeding is a fast & easy way to rejuvenate your lawn without needing to fully replace it.


The Benefits of Fall Overseeding

The Benefits of Fall Overseeding

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