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  1. 5 Lawn Irrigation Tips

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

5 Lawn Irrigation Tips

Tips For Proper Lawn Irrigation

Time sure does fly around here! It seems like just yesterday we were having family barbecues in the backyard. Unfortunately, frosty weather is rolling in, which means your nice lawn is prone to damage. Follow these five tips to ensure your lawn stays properly irrigated during the coming months!

1) Water in the morning

Lawn irrigation is best when it's done in the morning. Watering during the afternoon can waste water, and watering in the evening extends the time the lawn is wet which can lead to disease.

2) Vary watering by plant type

Plants and grass in landscaped beds require different amounts of water, so it's important to work with your Killingsworth lawn care professional to figure out your watering zones based on plant needs.

3) Switch up your watering schedule

Plants need both oxygen and water to survive. Excessively wet soil squeezes out the air, killing plants in the process. During the winter, overwatering damage can be even worse, so make sure to switch things up!

4) Insulate your System

The main shut off valve to the system needs to be protected against freezing. Wrap it in insulation (foam insulation tape and a plastic bag will do just fine) to ensure its full protection.

5) Seasonal settings

Reset your irrigation timer every month. You don't want your system running on a summer setting during these colder months!

It's important to check your irrigation system regularly to make sure it's providing even coverage. Contact the experts here at Killingsworth for an inspection, we'd love to help your lawn shine as bright as this great state we live in! Schedule a service with us today!