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  1. 5 Summer Party Safety Tips

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

5 Summer Party Safety Tips

Tips to be sure your guests party safely this summer!

There are so many reasons to celebrate this summer. Do you know what that means? Cookouts, family reunions, and backyard parties–oh my! If you’re hosting a gathering this summer forget the food and decor, make your guest’s safety a top priority. It’s easy to get caught up having so much fun in the sun and forget about the things that could potentially go wrong and cost your guest their safety. Use these tips to ensure your guests are safe and enjoy themselves while at your summer party.

1. Don’t let things get too hot

Your guests will likely show up to your home hungry and in anticipation of a delicious grilled up meal. Not only are you playing “host", you’re also the evening’s grill master. You’re prepared with your checklist:

  • Burgers, dogs, shish kabobs, and veggies? Check!
  • Cooking tools? Check!
  • Fire extinguishers? uhh...
To rather be safe than sorry, keep the fire extinguisher close by in case things on the grill get a little too hot (or out of control). Although quite yummy, it’s more important to protect your guests than the food.

2. Keep an eye on your furry friends

Will your adorable pup be making a guest appearance at your backyard bash? Pets certainly have a way of livening-up a summer gathering. They’ll visit each guest and with any luck, snag a bite or two. Sure, your pet’s presence might be welcomed but you’ll want to make sure they aren’t getting into trouble or making your guests uncomfortable. Keep an eye on any pets at your party to make sure they’re not getting into anything that could be harmful (hot grill, bonfire, food, trash, yard waste). If you feel like there is too much going on it might be best to keep them in the house, leashed up, or crated.

3. Prep for pool safety

Having a pool in your backyard inevitably attracts guests in the summer (whether you like it or not). Not only does a pool entertain your guests, it also keeps them cool. Cannonballs and foam noodles make for fun, but accidents–not so much. If you’re a pool owner, you’re no stranger to the serious pool-proofing that must be done before a large gathering. There are so many things that can go wrong in a pool, try to prevent the majority of them with fences, gates, and supervision.

4. Hydrate responsibly

Most adults prefer to celebrate, socialize, and relax with an alcoholic beverage so by all means, serve it up. While you and your guests are having a good ‘ole time, don’t lose sight of the fact that you are still the host. If you’ve noticed a guest has had a little bit too much to drink, offer them a place to stay or arrange for them to get a ride home. With that said, be sure to offer plenty of water! Dehydration is no joke.

5. Uninvite the bugs

Your guest list should always include family members, friends both old and new, and sociable neighbors but it should not include mosquitoes and other pests who will turn your party into a bust. Not only can pests take a pleasant gathering and make it a painful one, they also have to potential to seriously harm your guests with their life-threatening diseases. Keep the bugs out and the laughter, jokes, and play in! We at Killingsworth are happy to make a pre-party appearance. Our mosquito control program works to eliminate breeding habitats and reduce mosquito populations in your yard by setting up an invisible barrier around your property.  We also pride ourselves on our lawn care services. They are truly second to none. Schedule an appointment with us today! Do try your best to keep your guests safe, but remember to enjoy yourself. The summer is a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy good company.