5 Things to Do On the First Day of Winter
  1. 5 Things to Do On the First Day of Winter

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

5 Things to Do On the First Day of Winter

5 Ideas for First Day of Winter Fun!

Winter is the coziest, most comfortable season of the year. So here you go, make winter fun again with 5 of our favorite things to do when it's too cold outside to do anything else.

1. Warm up around food

When it's cold, well, we want to eat. The more you eat, the warmer you are. Right?

Anyway, plan a day and make all of your favorite cold weather foods: chili, veggie soup, with all the cheese and sour cream in it, or even breakfast for dinner (a staff favorite). Because, if we are being honest, who doesn't want to eat biscuits and gravy and French toast with powdered sugar for dinner?

2. Plan a trip to Asheville or Boone

Now living in the south gives us pretty mild winters, with the occasional threat of ice and snow - which can be a little disappointing,

Sometimes we want to throw snowballs at people and sled down a hill like Clark Griswold Christmas Vacation. The fix? A cabin! Yes. Take a trip to Asheville or Boone and get a cabin in the mountains. Make a fire with the smell of the woods around you, because that's how you enjoy winter.

3. Make a fire pit

And if you can't make it to the cabin soon enough, go buy a fire pit and have your own cabin experience in your backyard. A 30x30 fire pit is about $100, and some fresh cut wood is easy to find here in NC. After grabbing all of the essentials for making your favorite fireside foods, bundle up and enjoy.

4. Put in a classic

Now after you have eaten all of the food you can possibly eat, grab your best blankets and plan a movie night. Netflix, Redbox, or old classics like It's a Wonderful Life and Die Hard - make it a night or afternoon. Heck, wake up and make it a morning, we won't judge.

5. Winterize your home

You've had your fun in the snow and bundling up - but now for the productivity. Winterizing your home before the weather gets cold will save you money on your energy bill and keep you and your family warm and cozy all winter long. It also prevents damage to your house when snow and ice hit the area.

If you need help, take a look at these 10 easy steps to winterize your home.

Have fun with your friends and family this winter. And if your home gives you any trouble, you know, cold drafts, high electric bills, or weird noises in your vents while you and your friends are arguing over whose chili is best, schedule an appointment with Killingsworth today.

We get your home cozy and comfortable, no blankets required.