5 Ways to Stay Warm While Entertaining Outside
  1. 5 Ways to Stay Warm While Entertaining Outside

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

5 Ways to Stay Warm While Entertaining Outside

Don't Let The Cold Keep You Inside!

We can all agree this weather has been bipolar - warm during today, freezing rain tomorrow. You can't even plan a party next week without risking potential snow on the roads.

There are many reasons to celebrate with friends, and we don't want you to let the cold stop you from having a good time. That's why we put together this list of entertaining hacks to help you get around the cold and have a party outside. Take a look:

1. Plan daytime activities

The first thing you can do is work with Mother Nature. Keep the temperature in mind when you're planning what time people will come over. The sun sets earlier now, and while it's down, the temperature continues to steadily drop. Plan more day parties where the sun will help you out with a few degrees of warmth. This will also save you on lighting, while we're being optimistic.

2. Warm food and beverages

There really is something about comfort food that warms your entire body. So, ditch the raw veggie appetizers and instead make a pot of chili or soup for dinner. You can also consider having a hot chocolate and coffee bar with toppings for your guests.

3. Heating lamps

Heating lamps have grown in popularity the past few years, and it's because of the opportunities it gives you during the winter months. It's a great way for restaurants to optimize their outdoor seating in the cold weather and for guests to be able to enjoy the fresh air year-round.

They work by reflecting heat to the surrounding area (up to a 12-foot diameter circle). So depending on your patio size, you might only need a couple to have a fully heated party.

4. Fire Pits

One of the best things about the cold weather is the smell of a wood fire burning. You can buy a fire pit for around $100 at your nearest home improvement store and use it year round. This also presents your party with a handful of new activities. Break out the guitar for music, or consider roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

For a more permanent structure, contact Killingsworth and we can install a fire pit in your backyard.

5. Blanket Basket

Having a basket of blankets isn't a bad idea for cozy small parties. If everyone is sitting around outside, have some blankets people can grab and cozy up under. The more quilts the better, just remember to keep them inside during the day to keep them warm before the party.

We hope this was helpful while planning your festivities this season!

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