6 Home Entry Points for Pests
  1. 6 Home Entry Points for Pests

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

6 Home Entry Points for Pests

With colder weather on the way, pests and rodents both big and small are seeking out nice, warm homes (just like yours) to take up residency in. Yuck–we know.

Creatures including (but not limited to) ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, rats, mice, and squirrels all make the list of pests in search of sanctuary this fall.

Now obviously, you aren’t holding the door open, welcoming these pesky, outdoor creatures into your home. So how exactly are they getting in?

Below we’ve listed out the six most common areas of a home where a pest tends to find their way in. Keep your eye on these 6 home entry points this season, and every season.

6 Pest Entry Points To Watch This Season:

1. Vents and exhaust fans

Let’s talk about your home’s vents and fans. While our dryer and attic vents do an excellent job of allowing heat to escape from our clothes dryers and attics, they don’t do such a great job keeping larger types of pests like rats and squirrels out. Exhaust fans pose a similar threat but for smaller vermin, like cockroaches or ants.

By keeping up with the maintenance of these entryways you’ll limit the likelihood of a pest gaining access to your home. Both dryer vents and exhaust fans should have screens to keep members of the outside world out. Be sure to check that your vents and fans are screened and that the screens are in good condition.

2. Doors and windows

Aha! The most obvious of entryways. Or not so much? Front doors are the perfect spot for pests to enter the home–but not simply because we open and close them frequently.

Due to the fact that we use our doors so often, doorframes endure a lot of wear and tear, which often results in gaps and cracks. Cockroaches are notorious for getting through these tiny gaps and then wreaking havoc on homes.

A helpful feature you can add to your doorways are door sweeps. Door sweeps create a tight seal at the bottom of your door, closing off any gaps. Check out your windows for cracks and gaps in the frame and holes in the screens. As an extra precautionary step, add weather stripping to your windows to keep the pests out. Check out our other tips for window maintenance if you’re interested in reading further.

3. Gutters

Dirty gutters are a pests best friend. When gutters get clogged or bogged down with debris, they become a breeding ground for pests of all kinds. Once they make their way into your gutters, pests easily gain access to any cracks or openings in your roof or on your siding.

Rinsing your gutters regularly and checking for debris build-up can significantly lower your chances of attracting pests like these.

4. Garage doors

This may seem a little obvious–don’t leave your garage door open! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Garage doors, like front doors and windows, experience a good amount of weathering. Any type of wear and tear to your garage door frame can create some pretty significant gaps.

So what’s attracting pests into your garage in the first place? The answer to that question is–food! Make sure that whatever food you keep in your garage is sealed and that any trash is picked up. There’s nothing like a feast of leftovers to attract some unwanted visitors!

5. Attics

While attics are sealed, for the most part, gaps along roof vents or adjoining roof lines are the go-to entry spot for rodents like rats and squirrels. Once inside, pests can easily make their way to any wires or pipelines that lead directly into your home.

Much like garages, attics tend to get messy. To ensure you’re not housing any unwanted guests, try to keep things tidy and check regularly for any holes leading to the outside.

6. Firewood

Colder weather calls for a nice warm fireplace, right? Termites love hanging out in your warm, cozy firewood! The closer you store your firewood to your home, the easier it is for these wood-loving pests to enter your home (redundant?).

It’s always important to be wary when bringing your firewood inside. Make sure to check for any creepy-crawlies that might be trying to hitch a ride to the indoors!

Trust us, we’re with you on this one–your home is no place for pests. We at Killingsworth Environmental pride ourselves on our pest control and removal services.

Our standard for reliability, excellence, and quality is what sets our services apart from any other pest control company you’ve worked with in the past.

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