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  1. An Inside Look at SMART Pest Control for Your Property 

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

An Inside Look at SMART Pest Control for Your Property 

SMART Pest Control: What It Is & Why Your Commercial Property Needs It

Rodents threaten commercial and residential properties alike. Not only do wildlife like rats and mice spread bacteria and carry diseases, but they also chew through wires and damage inventory, which can result in hefty repair bills if not controlled immediately.  When it comes to pest control, especially in a commercial setting, you need a safe and effective way to eliminate rodents that combines digital automation and professional expertise. If your current Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system doesn’t provide both of these pest control essentials, then you need SMART Pest Control.  Below, we give you an inside look at SMART Pest Control. We explain what it is, how it works and why it’s a necessity for your commercial property. 

What Makes SMART Pest Control Different

If you use traditional pest control services, you likely have a pest professional who visits your property every once in a while to assess for pest infestations or damage, treat any existing pests and then revisits again in a few months to do it all over again. While there’s nothing wrong with this process, it’s not a foolproof way to protect your property—especially when it comes to rodents.  The SMART Pest Control system combines digital automation with professional expertise. But what exactly does that mean? Let’s discuss. 

Digital Automation and Professional Expertise

The SMART Pest Control system consists of three main parts: 

  • A trap to catch rodents and monitor their activity
  • A sensor to monitor rodent activity 
  • A master control box that connects with all traps and sensors wirelessly
Each trap and sensor sends wireless messages to the master control box, allowing your pest control professionals to keep track of rodent activity. After an initial assessment, traps are placed strategically in areas with high rodent activity. That way, you’re sure that rodents are being caught and eliminated, as well as professionally monitored.  This is when digital automation and professional expertise comes into play. SMART traps work independently, without requiring you to check or empty them. However, they also work in unison with the master control box, providing real-time, 24/7 reports of rodent activity. This allows your commercial pest control team to reevaluate trap placement, the success of the system and make plans for further action if necessary.  With traditional pest control, you simply can’t receive this level of accuracy and peace of mind. The digital automation and professional expertise that accompanies the SMART Pest Control system is truly what sets it apart from other IPM systems. 

How SMART Pest Control Works

By now, you have a general understanding of the system and how it functions. However, we want to go more in depth to give you an inside look at the SMART Pest Control system.  There are two types of rodent traps available with the system: the SMART Box and SMART Pipe Trap. Here’s how each of them work:


Unlike traditional rodent traps, the SMART Box is environmentally friendly and doesn’t use any poison or bait to lure rodents in. The box is placed in areas where rats and mice are most active, assuring that as many rodents are eliminated as possible.  Once a rodent has entered the SMART Box, the sensors in the box detect its presence and activate the trap. Then, the rodent is lifted by an elevator and receives a strong electrical current, immediately killing the mouse or rat. Next, the rodent is deposited into a plastic bag inside of a closed bin. Finally, the trap resets and is ready to catch another rodent.  Each time this occurs, the sensors send a report back to the master control box. These reports are reviewed and evaluated, allowing for the best possible rodent control.  The SMART Box is available in multiple models, and can be powered using batteries, electricity or solar panels. Not to mention, the box can be placed above or below ground. Whichever works best for you and your property!

SMART Pipe Trap 

Rodents commonly scurry through sewage pipes, granting them easy access into your commercial property or home. The SMART Pipe Trap addresses this issue in a new way. First, The trap is strategically placed in areas where sewage pipes intersect. When the trap senses the body heat or movement of a mouse or rat, the trap automatically activates and kills the rodent. Then the trap resets and is ready to be used again!  Just like the SMART Box, the SMART Pipe Trap reports back to the master control box, alerting your pest control team of rodent activity to further assess the success of the trap. 

The Benefits of SMART Pest Control

Throughout this blog, you’ve likely caught on to the benefits of the SMART Pest Control system. This system has many advantages, and we want to take the time to cover them all. That way, if (and when) the time comes to implement SMART Pest Control into your IPM system, your decision will be practically effortless!  The key benefits of SMART Pest Control include:

  • 24/7 protection
  • Economic and cost-efficient since traps reduce and prevent rodent damage
  • Peace of mind due to digital automation
  • Quick and efficient service due to real-time reports
  • No poisons, toxins, or baits which benefits the environment
  • Reliable and effective, killing mice and rats immediately
  • Regular inspections of your property to assess the success of the SMART Pest Control system
It’s easy to see the value of this system and understand its benefits. But how can the SMART Pest Control system benefit your property?

SMART Pest Control For Your Commercial Property

At Killingsworth, we know that protecting your assets and overall cost are what matter most. The SMART Pest Control system caters to your needs by eliminating rodents that could cause severe damage to your property, its employees, your inventory and your reputation. When it comes to rodents and rodent damage, it just isn’t worth the risk. While some form of pest control is better than no pest control, you simply aren’t receiving the same value from traditional pest control as you would with SMART Pest Control.  When you take advantage of our commercial pest control services, you benefit from our professional pest control services in addition to the SMART Pest Control system.  Pest control is what we do. For more information on the SMART Pest Control system, or our commercial pest control services, don’t hesitate to reach out. After all, if you’re not getting your Killingsworth, you’re missing out. Integrated Pest Management aside, the daily to-dos of a commercial property owner can become overwhelming. Luckily, pest control is something you won't have to worry about. Schedule an appointment with our expert pest control service team today!