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MAY 02 2022 /

Commercial Pest Problems, Solved

How We Handle Commercial Pest Problems

Dealing with pests in your business? You’re not alone! Unfortunately, cockroaches and rodents target all types of businesses, not just restaurants and dining establishments. The following industries are not immune from commercial pest problems: retail, hospitality, education, manufacturing, and healthcare If you’re here, you're likely dealing with a pest problem that you need help getting rid of. Perhaps you own a food business, such as a charming bakery or a downtown brewery, that has been targeted by rats, mice, or cockroaches. Or maybe you’re in a big corporate building adjacent to a wooded area that tends to attract wildlife and other critters. While these pests are a pain to deal with, they can be eliminated — if you know what you’re doing. Our team has years of experience getting rid of pest infestations and preventing rodents and cockroaches from coming back.  Check out some examples of our latest commercial pest problems we’ve solved for hard-working people just like you!

What Roaches and Rodents Need to Survive

All of these industries provide cockroaches and rodents with everything they need to survive (and thrive!) such as food, shelter, water, and a place to nest. Just because you don’t sell food products, doesn’t mean these pests won’t find food resources inside of your business! These two nuisances typically eat whatever they can find. Plants, insects, fruits, berries, dairy products, rotting meat, grease stains, and bird food are all viable food options in their minds. Obviously, food businesses always have a massive supply of readily available food sources that are very attractive to foraging pests. However, any work environment with a break room or food prep and storage area can attract rodents and cockroaches as well. Food and drink spills, leftover crumbs, trash with food wrappers, and so on, is all they require to determine that your office is the perfect home.  When it comes to shelter, these pests are not picky about their living circumstances either. Mice, rats, and rodents need shelter to stay out of the elements and stay protected from predators such as snakes, cats, and birds of prey. They will often hide in areas around your workplace you would never even think to check, which is why infestations can go on for a long time before they’re discovered. For their water supply, a leaky sink, a decorative fountain feature, or even a toilet are all they need to stay hydrated. As for nesting, well, they can nest almost anywhere, as long as the previously aforementioned necessities are provided!

Commercial Pest Problems by Industry

1. A Neighborhood Restaurant and Pub - Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are common in the Carolinas thanks to the high temperatures and humidity levels. A restaurant and pub reached out to us when they noticed cockroaches making a recurring appearance inside of their establishment. While our average service time generally takes 20 to 30 minutes, it took a full hour to inspect all of the trouble areas due to the size of the infestation. Our pest experts treated the areas with a combination of gel baits, residual applications, and contact killers. After just two visits, this restaurant and pub was officially pest-free!

2. Sandwich Shop - Cockroach Infestation

Similar to the restaurant and pub, this sandwich shop was also dealing with cockroaches in their kitchen. Because cockroaches are unsanitary, they can quickly contaminate your food and water supply. Similarly, only two visits were required to completely flush out the cockroaches. The customer has since decided to continue monthly services to ensure the insects never come back. 

3. Manufacturing Company - Rodent Infestation

Manufacturing companies are frequently infested by rodents as they’re often transported within packaging. This is especially true if the manufacturer handles food products. After setting up a series of SMART Eyes and SMART Boxes, we were able to catch a rodent the very first night of placement. Since then, our SMART Digital Pest Control system has caught 177 rats and counting. 

4. Restaurant - Rodent Infestation

Rodents foraging outside eventually found their way inside of a restaurant that only used our services quarterly. Luckily, they switched to monthly SMART services in order to prevent the local rat population from making their way into their kitchen. Their SMART Box currently sits outside where it has caught a total of 88 rats. 

5. Pizzeria - Rodent Infestation

A local pizza place was dealing with a large amount of rodents on the verge of ruining their supplies and destroying their reputation. In total, our SMART devices have caught a total of 194 mice. While even just one rodent or cockroach is a risk to your business, we don’t recommend letting your issue grow upwards of hundreds of pests! 

6. Bread Shop - Rodent Infestation

A bread bakery with raw ingredients is the ideal habitat for several types of pests. A bread shop we recently serviced noticed mice helping themselves to their food products. Overnight, we were able to catch 13 mice alone. As of now, mice are no longer an issue thanks to the continual monitoring of our SMART system devices.

7. Bakery - Rodent Infestation

One bakery was dealing with rats nibbling on their baked goods. Once the devices were set up, three rodents were caught within the first 48 hours. Now that the infestation is gone, we continue to track any new rodent activity so we can stop a pest infestation before it has the chance to start.

8. School System - Rodent Infestation

A local school system could not use rodenticides due to the nature of the property and came to us when they needed a nontoxic solution for their pest problem. Before they decided to try digital pest control, they would administer toxic traps during after-school hours and remove them before school started the following day. Our SMART Pest Control was able to get rid of 100% of the rodents infesting the school’s grounds, without interrupting the staff or children attending the school. 

SMART Pest Control for Rodent Infestations and Cockroach Monitoring

The SMART system is made up of multiple devices that work together to monitor and trap unwanted pests. Intelligent devices monitor cockroach and rodent activity and utilize self-activating traps to specifically exterminate pests. Not only does this data confirm the presence of pests, but it provides a clear idea of the infestation’s severity.  Each device plays an important role in eliminating pests. Eye devices capture cockroach and rodent movement and send the information to the SMART Hub which records all of the data. The SMART Boxes are the actual trap and contain nontoxic attractants that lure rodents inside.  The installation process of the SMART system is fairly simple and consists of a site inspection and device set-up. To start, our experts will look for the pests and identify signs of their presence such as nests, eggs, and droppings. Then, the technician will go over a comprehensive action plan with you to determine what devices are needed and where. From there, the devices will be installed and pest control is effective immediately.  Related: The SMART Digital Pest Control system is the most innovative and effective method of pest control. If you are interested in learning more about the SMART system in its entirety, download our SMART Commercial Pest Control white paper. We will show you how we handle pests for you!


Why Utilizing Commercial Pest Control is SMART

Commercial pest control doesn’t have to be complicated. Fortunately, digital pest control never requires you to close up shop or send employees home because of toxic and unsightly traps. Our SMART system is the preferred choice for commercial businesses because there’s little to no effort required from you to deliver positive results. We are proud to share that data-driven pest control, such as our SMART system, is becoming the new industry standard. This is the only pest control method that measures the outcome by tracking the rodent’s movement and providing hard data on how many pests have been exterminated at that time. Around the clock pest control means there’s no disruption to your business or your customers. Another benefit our customers love is that you never have to worry about dangerous pesticides and chemicals harming customers and employees. Experience peace of mind knowing our SMART Pest Control will only harm unwanted pests and nothing else!

Determine if SMART is Right for Your Business

Signs of cockroaches and rodents should be addressed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, these pests can rapidly grow in numbers and become more and more difficult to manage. If you have noticed any of the following signs of a cockroach or rodent infestation, reach out to us to help you solve this problem quickly.

Signs of Cockroaches


Dark droppings, similar in appearance to ground coffee or black pepper


Cockroach eggs that look like capsules


Skin shedding


Unusual odor

Signs of Rodents


Chew marks, scratches, or holes in walls, doorways, food packaging, etc.


Rodent droppings


Nesting materials 

Be aware that attempting to eliminate pests on your own is likely to be ineffective and do more harm than good. Most DIY attempts at getting rid of pests can actually make it harder for pest professionals to do their job. Professionals understand pest behavior and are equipped with the knowledge to find the root of the problem, rather than merely applying a bandaid over the issue. So when you notice a pest problem, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. 

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We have high standards here at Killingsworth, and that means we don’t condone sharing your space with rodents or cockroaches.  We are experts at our trade and are confident we can deal with any pest problem you throw our way. Our SMART Pest Control process is streamlined to make your life easier. Our entire service process has been designed to remove pests from your business fast, and without disrupting your day-to-day operations.  Consider SMART Digital Pest Control if you want to protect your business from the destruction of pests. Get started by clicking the button below to schedule a service!