Decorating Your Yard for the Best Haunted House
  1. Decorating Your Yard for the Best Haunted House

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Decorating Your Yard for the Best Haunted House

Get The Best Haunted House With These Decorations

One of the best fall traditions is decorating the yard to win the 'Best Haunted House' in the neighborhood! It's a hard award to get, but with our help you'll be the spookiest around.

If you want your house to be the biggest attraction during the trick-or-treating season, then take us up on our spooky and wicked recommendations. Grab your kids and get crafty!

1. Master the Art of Special Effects

First and foremost, if you want to go above and beyond to have the best Haunted House on the street, you'll need some special effects.

Special effects are illusions and visual tricks that stimulate imagined events. Some special effects that you can use to make your house stand out are fog machines, haunting music, strobe or eerie colored lighting, and fun illusion mirrors to really set the tone!

2. Pick a Pumpkin

Pumpkins can be utilized in several different ways to decorate during the Halloween season. They are extremely versatile and simple to dazzle up or hauntify.

Pumpkins can be carved, painted, and even dressed up! So go carve them into scary jack o' lanterns, paint them your favorite colors, and/or dress them in gauze to create mummy pumpkins. The options are endless, so let your creativity fly!

3. Create a Graveyard

You can't have a haunted house without an eerie graveyard to set the mood. All you need are some mini black fences, skeleton bones, and tombstones to make your graveyard come to life.

Check out Pinterest for some fun and spooky DIY graveyard ideas.

4. Don't Forget Hanging Decorations

Hanging decorations are that extra element you need to pull your haunted house together. You can drape spider web material all throughout your yard and porch, lace and hang spooky signs that say 'Haunted House' or 'Danger Ahead,' put up flaming wall mounts and fake flying bats beside your front door, and last, but not least, hang up these floating witch hat luminaries to really spook the trick-or-treaters!

Halloween is a fun time to tap into your creativity and make some impressive decorations. It's also important to remember that with any yard decoration, you need to make sure you have a good clean base.

Schedule a lawn care service with us so we can get your yard fresh and clean in time for Halloween!