Eviction Notice For Animals in the Attic
  1. Eviction Notice For Animals in the Attic

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Eviction Notice For Animals in the Attic

Keep The Critters Out This Winter

Spring has nearly sprung and critters are starting to become active. When you box up all of your winter clothes and store them in the attic, it's important to keep an eye out for wildlife issues, especially birds, bats, and carpenter bees at this time.

The cold winter months left critters seeking shelter in warm homes. Your home may have been susceptible to wildlife invasion due to an animals ability to sneak into any home through small cracks and vents. When looking for signs of wildlife, check around the attic and the exterior of the home. Look under gable vents for bats and/or droppings and check exhaust vents for birds. As for carpenter bees, the biggest indicators of infestations are 1/2 inch entrance holes excavated into wooden objects like decks, doors, and windowsills.

If you spot any signs of these unwanted guests in or around your home, don't panic. Our wildlife experts are here to help. Schedule a service with our wildlife experts today for a free inspection.

Got Critters? Just make sure you get your Killingsworth!