Fun Ways to Celebrate Bat Appreciation Day
  1. Fun Ways to Celebrate Bat Appreciation Day

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Fun Ways to Celebrate Bat Appreciation Day

Time to Celebrate These Mosquito-Eating Mammals

National Bat Appreciation Day is April 17th and we are excited to celebrate! This day is in April because it is the best time of the year to observe bats as they begin to emerge from hibernation. Here are a couple ideas of how you can celebrate this fun occasion:

1. Learn Fun Facts About Bats:

National Bat Appreciation Day is an excellent time to learn about the role they play in nature.

Here are a handful of fun facts we compiled to get you started:

  • Bats can see in the dark and use their extreme sense of hearing.
  • In one hour, a bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes! They are their own kind of pest control.
  • Bats are the only mammals (yes, they're mammals!) that are naturally capable of true and sustained flight.
  • Some species of bats can live up to 40 years - there are 1,200 known species of bats!

For more, check these bat facts out!

2. Craft Bats:

Who doesn't love a good celebratory craft? Bats are easy and fun to make for hats, masks, or streamers! You can easily put them together with black construction paper, paper plates, or even black yarn. This is a great way to get the kids excited about bats by bringing them to life!

3. Make Them Edible:

Like the middle picture above, a hershey bar makes a great (and easy) bat-base, but get creative! Anything chocolate makes these bats extra tasty and life-like! What better way to celebrate Bat Appreciation Day than with a yummy snack!

4.Watch Bat Movies!

Last but not least, a great idea to end Bat Appreciation Day is to settle in with a bat documentary movie or one of our personal favorites - Bat Man! Curl up with some popcorn and your yummy bat treats for a great bat themed night!

We love bats! They're cool creatures - but we don't want them in your house. They are great in the wild, but at home could spread disease in your house.

If you think you may have bats, or any other type of wildlife in your home, schedule a service with our wildlife control team today for a free inspection! Our wildlife technicians have a lot of experience with bats, as well as squirrels, birds, raccoons, opossums, snakes, foxes, and skunks. We will safely remove them and get them back to their home where they belong.