Give Your Lawn the Best Pre-Spring Treatment
  1. Give Your Lawn the Best Pre-Spring Treatment

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Give Your Lawn the Best Pre-Spring Treatment

Get Your Lawn In Top Shape For Spring

Spring is coming faster than expected, which means we need to get on top of our lawn care early. Get ahead of the game and do these pre-spring tasks to set yourself up for an optimal yard:


Pay attention to your yard in the upcoming weeks. Grass blades grow best when you trim lightly and often. Try not to cut more than a third of the blade's length at a time and begin mowing as soon as your grass starts growing it for a strong resilient lawn.

For more information, check out these tips on when you should cut your grass for the first time this spring!


Cold air is very dry and can wreak havoc on your plants and lawns. Once your grass starts growing, and you begin mowing, you'll also need to start watering. Make sure your lawn is getting at least 1' of water per week for optimal grass.

Dethatching and Aeration:

A good rule of thumb is to wait until your lawn has been mowed 2-3 times before starting the dethatching and aeration process. This way you'll be sure it is growing fast enough to recover from the aeration.

For more aeration information, check out these aeration tips!

Pest Control:

Keep an eye out for grubs, fire ants, and mole crickets as these pesky eaters can cause damage to your lawn and garden. The warm weather will also bring the termites out. These pests are a huge concern for homeowners in the early spring (even though they won't directly damage your yard) and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Get in touch with our pest control team and schedule a service today to receive two mosquito applications for only $150!

Weed Prevention:

Use a pre-emergent in the top layer of soil where the weed seeds grow to prevent future weeds before they sprout.

This is one key advantage over just putting down new soil or mulch to bury the seeds. Weed seeds have the ability to remain viable many years, waiting for a chance to pop up. However, with pre-emergents, you can break the cycle of constant regrowth.

Keep in mind that various weeds germinate at different times, so you will need to do repeated applications of herbicides to get complete control of all the weeds in your lawn or yard.

Without relying on a pre-emergent to reduce the infestation, it always seems to be a losing battle trying to kill every weed before it reproduces. Get ahead of the game and take control! Schedule a service with us now.