Holiday Home Decorating: Christmas Edition
  1. Holiday Home Decorating: Christmas Edition

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Holiday Home Decorating: Christmas Edition

Deck the Halls With These 10 Christmas Decorations

The holidays are finally here, which means it’s time to start decorating for Christmas. Christmas is the time of year to pull out all the stops. Want to fill your lawn with snowman inflatables and place reindeer on the roof? That’s perfectly fine. Itching to decorate your home like a larger-than-life gingerbread house? Totally normal!  But if you’re feeling a bit uninspired this holiday season, we’re here to help. With a little creativity, a dash of holiday cheer and your favorite Christmas jingles on repeat, your home will soon become the jolliest on the block. So c’mon, let’s go deck the halls!

1. Over-the-top light display

holiday decorating in backyard Go big or go home, right? Why not cover your lawn and home in a variety of LED lights to really make your holidays bright. In your lawn, string lights through the trees and around shrubs. On the house, place lights in the windows, along the roofline and around columns. You may even want to add some fiber optic reindeer or snowmen to make your lawn extra festive.   Or, if you want that gingerbread house look and are prepared to dedicate a sizable amount of time, use this home in Colorado for inspiration

2. Outdoor ornaments

ornaments on tree outside Purchase some colorful oversized ornaments to hang in the trees outside. These in combination with a set of white lights will make your trees pop, and give you a Christmas tree indoors and out to enjoy! 

3. Sparkling string lights

string lights in backyard Source If your trees aren’t ideal for ornaments, you may want to try draping strands of cascading string lights from the branches. When they’re all lit up, it looks just like snow — which is a sight for sore eyes in the Carolinas.

4. Festive lanterns

christmas lanterns Source Use either metal or rustic lanterns, whatever size you choose, and fill them with decorative ornaments. You can either place them on the fireplace mantel inside (right next to the stockings hung with care), or choose larger lanterns to sit on the porch for a classy and simple decorative touch. Tie a festive bow on top, too.

5. Entryway greenery

greenery on front door Source Lights aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some may prefer holiday greenery instead! Drape greenery around the front door to create a natural, colorful entryway. Greenery with cranberries, pinecones and snow is one of our favorites by far, but plain greenery with a few red and gold ornaments is equally as beautiful. 

6. Mailbox decor

christmas mailbox While you’re at it, give your mailbox some Christmas attention, too. Cover it with the same greenery around your front door, or choose something else entirely. Some people even decide to wrap their mailbox to resemble a gift! Whatever you decide, top it off with a printed bow. Trust us, your mailman will love it. 

7. Holiday-themed container gardens

holiday decorating container garden Source If your fall container gardens are still thriving, use some holiday ornaments, ribbons, bells and pine cones to transform your autumn container garden into a Christmas-themed masterpiece. If your plants aren’t going to make it through the winter, however, get creative with other items that will. A potted evergreen tree or a berry planter will look exceptionally festive on your front porch and survive the winter. Finally, add some white lights and ribbon and you’re good to go!

8. Rustic Christmas trees

wooden christmas trees Source Have some old wooden pallets lying around? Turn them into rustic Christmas trees! Simply cut the wood into different lengths, nail them into a supporting piece of wood and paint. Paint your trees red, green, blue, white, or any combination of colors for a personalized, rustic Christmas decoration. These trees can be placed inside or out, too!

9. Simplistic wreath

front door christmas wreath More isn’t always better. If your yard won’t accommodate a menagerie of Christmas lights and inflatables, why not keep things simple with a wreath. The best part is, a wreath can be as extravagant or as minimalistic as you prefer. Jazz it up with lights and ornaments, or keep it simple with a single red bow. You can’t go wrong either way. 

10. Glowing wicker deer

wicker deer on front lawn Source Last, but certainly not least, keep the outside of your home looking elegant with glowing wicker deer. The soft glow from these deer will be just enough to add a Christmas touch, but not too much that it takes away from the beauty of your home and lawn. Christmas aside, deer are an ideal winter decoration that you can leave in your lawn even after the holidays have passed.  There you have it, 10 Christmas decorations to make your home and lawn stand out this holiday season. From all of here at Killingsworth, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. Don't hesitate to contact us for any services you may need this holiday season! SCHEDULE YOUR SERVICE