How To Care For Your Flowers This Spring
  1. How To Care For Your Flowers This Spring

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

How To Care For Your Flowers This Spring

Follow This Guide For Spring Flower Care

It's about time for our beautiful state to be covered with fresh blooming flowers for the spring! Giving your garden a little pre-spring lawn treatment is all part of giving your lawn the best treatment it deserves for the spring. If you love your garden, and want to improve it this spring, follow this quick guide:

Boost Your Soil

The weather in North Carolina tends to leave soil dry and dead. This makes tending to your flower beds more difficult, especially during periods of bloom. Add some organic matter to your soil, whether it be through tilling or placing it on top of the soil, and let it seep in. Compost, decayed leaves, and dry grass clippings work well for this.

Water Based On Flower Size

Flower seedlings should never dry out. Watering daily while they are small is necessary to boost their growth. If you've recently transplanted flowers, they will need a little extra care, so make sure you're watering them accordingly. As they grow larger in the flower bed, one to two watering sessions per week is sufficient.

Pull Out All Weeds

Remove any and all weeds surrounding your flowering plants. Neglecting to do so may result in the complete loss of your flower bed as weeds drain nutrients and moisture.

Fertilize Flowering Plants During Bloom

According to research, fertilizing flowers during blooming periods helps flowers grow healthy. Apply fertilizer as soon as new growth emerges in the spring to ensure good growth. Correct fertilizer application is often most effective under professional supervision, to ensure a thorough job.

If you do these four things, your flowers will shine to their brightest potential! Want more garden tips? Check out the Top 10 Gardening Trends of 2018. Need a little help? Don't hesitate to schedule a lawn service with us!