How to Winterize Your Home Against Pests
  1. How to Winterize Your Home Against Pests

OCTOBER 18 2023 /

How to Winterize Your Home Against Pests

Winter is coming, and so are pests! Don't let your home be their cozy retreat. Take these action-packed steps to winterize your home against pests, with the help of professional pest control from Killingsworth Environmental.

Around Your Property

  • Clear the Zone- Remove leaf litter and clear weeds to eliminate pest hiding spots and food sources.
  • Wood Wisdom- Store wood away from structures to reduce the risk of rodents and wood-destroying insects.
  • Landscaping Defense- Keep bushes and grass trimmed to minimize rodent-friendly conditions.
  • No Standing Water- Dispose of water-trapping containers and maintain drainage to prevent pest breeding.


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Inside Your Home

  • Pantry Check- Inspect pantry items to prevent stored product pest infestations.
  • Seal It Tight- Use sealant to close gaps and keep overwintering insects out.
  • Steel Wool Shield- Seal openings with steel wool to ward off mice.
  • Energy-Efficient Doors- Install door sweeps to conserve energy and deter pests.
  • Gutter Duty- Clear gutters to prevent conditions conducive to pests.

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Outdoor Precautions

  • Secure Seeds- Store grass seed and birdseed in rodent-proof containers.
  • No Feeding Zone- Avoid feeding wildlife to make your property less attractive to pests.
  • Pet Patrol- Remove pet waste to cut off a food source for rodents.
  • Indoor Feeding- Don't feed pets outdoors to minimize pest attraction.

The Killingsworth Advantage

Killingsworth Environmental isn't just pest control; it's your comprehensive solution to a safer home. When you employee Integrated Pest Management techniques like the ones above and combine them with Killingsworth's professional pest control, you'll keep pests out of your home all winter. 

By taking action and partnering with Killingsworth, you'll fortify your home against pests. Create a healthier living space for your family this winter.