Improve Home Health By Improving Your Attic
  1. Improve Home Health By Improving Your Attic

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Improve Home Health By Improving Your Attic

Clean Attics Help A Healthy House

Cleaning the attic isn't always on the top of the list of things to do. That is, until rodent infestations, water damage, or other issues make it a priority to-do.

Proper attic cleaning can protect your home against rodents, eliminate allergens caused by the presence of mold, and reduce energy expenses.

Clean your attic of these 3 things:


During the cold months, rodents will be more present in areas with little human activity. This makes your attic a perfect breeding ground for them. Cleaning your attic will remove droppings, dead rodents, and most importantly, clear out any junk they can hide in. Pest-proofing your home to ensure rodents can't get in can be easy!


Ever had a stuffy nose that didn't seem to go away? Perhaps maybe you've been sneezing non-stop and can't pinpoint why? Your air may be circulating dust particles throughout your home, irritating your sinuses.

The cause of this is most likely a dirty attic. A dirty attic, leads to dirty air. Since indoor air is worse than outside air, this can do some damage to your lungs. But fortunately, this is an easy fix. Consistent dusting, vacuuming and an overall quality cleaning will do wonders for your attic and the health of your home as a whole.


During the winter, water can find its way into your attic through cracks. The recent snowstorm in January left many people with excess moisture in their attics due to the accumulation of snow.

Moisture in the attic, when left unchecked, can become a breeding ground for attic mold growth. Mold spores can trigger a number of allergies and illnesses. Be vigilant in keeping your attic moisture-free, and replacing your attic insulation when necessary!

Dealing with indoor home issues such as indoor air quality and the presence of mold are serious. Professional help may be required to fully solve the problem. If you think you are in need of any assistance, do not hesitate to schedule a service with us.