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  1. Mosquito Bite or Bed Bugs? How to Tell the Difference

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Mosquito Bite or Bed Bugs? How to Tell the Difference

How can you tell the difference between a mosquito and a bed bug bite?

Picture it: you wake up on a summer morning, the sun is shining, birds singing and then you notice a red bug bite on your leg?....and another...and another! Was it because of that extra hour you were playing corn-hole? But, you swear you sprayed bug spray and didn't feel any bites before bed? This is when it hits you. You might have gotten the bites in bed.

There is often confusion between bed bugs and mosquito bites because of their similar size and itchy reaction. Like mosquitoes, bed bugs are small pests that pierce your skin and feed on your blood leaving behind an irritated bump. They're smaller insects than mosquitoes (about the size of an apple seed) and are often hard to find when not feeding.

The biggest differences

Bed bugs don't fly, but they do spread rapidly and are notoriously difficult to get rid of. They can breed just about anywhere and everywhere. (comforting huh?) Check inside upholstered furniture, bedside tables, along with the seams of curtains and carpets, behind electrical outlets on the walls or behind hanging picture frames. Cue the hee-bee-gee-bees.

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You might have picked up these pests in hotel rooms, public transportation, or even in a movie theater. If you've been to any public areas recently, you could have picked these insects up there and brought them home with you.

Bed Bug Signs and Symptoms

Their bites are the real indicator. Bed bug bites generally appear in clusters, along a line (like the edge of a sheet or comforter or where your body meets the mattress), whereas mosquito bites are random and spread out.

These red clusters of bites won't always be itchy (unlike mosquito bites). Some people are more sensitive to bed bugs than others, so while just about everyone will react to a mosquito bite, some people don't have reactions to bed bug bites at all!

Other physical signs to look for include dark brown/reddish blood spots on your bed linens, mattresses, headboards, box springs or furniture or sand-like casts the bugs will shed after growing.

If you feel like you have bed bugs please reach out and we will be happy to treat it before it gets too aggressive. If you think that it might just be a mosquito issue, still don't let these pests take over your home. Schedule a service with us now.