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  1. Mosquito Control & More: 6 Things All Outdoor Event Spaces Need

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Mosquito Control & More: 6 Things All Outdoor Event Spaces Need

6 Key Essentials For Every Successful Outdoor Event Space

If you operate your own outdoor event space, then you know the day-to-day industry struggles all too well. Between changes in weather, overlaps in bookings and numerous clients, we’re sure you feel overwhelmed from time to time! With everything going on, it can be easy to forget the key necessities your outdoor event space needs to succeed, such as:

  • An easy-to-find location
  • A strong stock of equipment
  • Comparable pricing
  • Strategic promotions
  • A go-to list of vendor recommendations
  • Pest control (especially for mosquitoes!)
Maybe you’re just getting into the event industry, or you’re an event planning pro that has too much on your plate to give these six things a second thought! Either way, we hope this blog can inspire you to give these essentials a little extra attention. Keep reading below to learn why these six elements of outdoor event planning are crucial to the success of your event space. Let’s get started!

All Outdoor Event Spaces Need…

1. A convenient location (with a view!)

“Location, location, location!” The location of your event space is key to its success. If your space is hard for clients or vendors to find, you may experience difficulty scheduling bookings. When it comes to outdoor events like weddings, parties and concerts, clients won’t want their guests to struggle traveling to your location—especially if guests are from out of town. Hopefully, your location is within a reasonable distance to local lodging, or you have onsite accommodations so overnight clients have a place to stay. Additionally, your space needs some type of view to draw clients in. This could be something natural like an overlook of the mountains or water, or something you create on your own like a stage or decorative pergola. Either way, give clients a view that they’ll want to capture photos of—and share with their friends! However, your view isn’t going to matter much if you don’t have the perfect landscaping to go with it! If your grounds need a little TLC, take a minute to read our blog, The Groundskeeping Checklist Every Property Manager Needs. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Welcome back! Now that you know what it takes to send your landscaping to the next level, let’s dive back into five more outdoor event space essentials.

2. Their own equipment

While you can always rent equipment (such as chairs, linens, lighting, etc.) from other vendors, your event space will stand out if you have your own equipment! We know that making the decision to purchase your own equipment can be a tough pill to swallow. After all, it’s going to be quite an investment on your part. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting to invest in every piece of equipment you’ll ever need all at once! Start small, and work your way into accumulating a strong stock of equipment over time. You’re sure to see a high return on your investment though! Having access to your own equipment will eliminate the need for you to source through outside vendors, and you can negotiate the price of your services based on the equipment that is needed. For example, a client who is having an outdoor wedding will need (at minimum) chairs, tables, linens, special lighting and decorations. If you own these items, you can develop the use of this equipment into a set package that adds to the cost of renting your space. Plus, having equipment like this on hand will ease your mind when there’s a quick turnaround on events, or something comes up and you need certain equipment ASAP.

3. Fair prices

It’s important to know the value of your outdoor event space, and price it in line with comparable spaces in the area. For instance, if your event space is an outdoor barn, take a look at other barns in the area and compare your pricing. If you’re pricing too high, clients may decide to go with another, more affordable option. On the other hand, you don’t want to sell your venue short and price too low! You want to remain competitive, and market your advantages in a way that shows potential clients what makes your event space stand out from the rest. That partnered with fair pricing will make your venue a true contender in the eyes of clients!

4. Strategic promotions

In the event industry, strong networking can make or break your venue. Build relationships with vendors in your area so that they will feel comfortable promoting your venue to their own clients. Additionally, invest funds into promoting your event space online. Even throw a few soirees to show off what your venue is capable of! Yes, this will cost you more upfront, but this type of strategic promotion has the ability to pay off in the long run. Feature your best assets, and show potential clients what they stand to gain from using your outdoor event space!

5. A healthy list of recommendations

There’s a chance that the clients who use your venue will also book with the same vendors in your area. Get to know these repeat vendors, and take notes on what your clients have to say about them. Not only will this be a great opportunity for cross-promotion between your businesses, but it will stand out to your clients. If your event space is hosting an outdoor wedding, the couple may need some guidance in terms of a DJ or band, photographer, etc. When this happens, have a list of your preferred vendors to give to the client. This is bound to impress them, and remind them to turn to you for recommendations in the future!

6. Killingsworth mosquito and pest control

Last, but definitely not least, every outdoor event space in the Carolinas needs commercial pest control from Killingsworth—especially when it comes to mosquitoes! Summer is the time for weddings, concerts, parties and more. Your guests expect to enjoy their time at your venue, not leave covered in mosquito bites! That’s why it’s so important to implement our commercial pest control plan now before it’s too late. More than that, our commercial pest services can protect the inside of your venue as well. If you serve your own food and drinks, or decorate with floral arrangements, you’re going to need pest control. Without it, your venue could suffer from expensive pest damage—or an infestation, yuck! Pest control is important for every venue, but especially for venues with an outdoor space. The frequent coming and going is a liability for your indoor areas, and you don’t want clients and their guests to be bombarded with pests outside. Commercial pest and mosquito control are essential for any outdoor event space. So don’t risk it! Schedule a service with Killingsworth to make sure your event space stays pest-free—indoors and out.