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  1. Spooky Reminders to Check for Pests this Season

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Spooky Reminders to Check for Pests this Season

Check These Places For Pests This Fall

Many people are under the impression that pests don't 'pest' after the summer season. Well don't be fooled! Not every bug dies off when the temperature drops. Some of them will be on a hunt to find a cozy spot in the cracks and corners of your home, nesting for the duration of the fall season. Make sure to check for pests this fall in all of the place they could be hiding.

These are a few spooky reminders of places that you need to check for pests this season:

1. Creepy Clogged Gutters

Make sure your gutters are cleared of any clogged leaves during the autumn season to avoid water damage and/or the formation of nests.

Checking your gutters is especially important when the leaves are falling. While cleaning, you can (and should) simultaneously check for any signs of a bird, wasp, or squirrel nest, as well as, mold and mildew.

If you happen to spot any nest formations while performing gutter maintenance, give us a call and we will take care of it!

2. Eerie Exterior inspections

Before the cold weather begins, perform an inspection around the perimeter of your house. Make sure you check for any openings, gaps, holes, cracks, or spaces along the outside walls and base of the house.

Remember that some bugs are on the hunt for a nice, warm place to stay during the cold months and that opening on your exterior walls is their way in.

3. The Decoration Downfall

The ONE downfall to decorating during a holiday season is that pests that like to hide out in your decorations. Decorations like scarecrows and lawn ornaments are just more homes for the bugs to live in.

Be mindful that outdoor decorations will naturally attract bugs, especially ones with perishable decorations, like pumpkins and gourds.

4. Frightening Firewood

Cold weather means hot chocolate and sitting by a fireplace. However, in order to build a fireplace you need firewood, and firewood means BUGS!

Firewood is a termite's favorite hiding spot, so be careful not to store your wood supply too close to your home. Termites damage thousands of homes every year and we don't want to see it happen to you! See anything on this list that gives you a scare? Don’t hesitate to schedule a service with us and we will take care of it for you! Make sure you take a look at our current offers to see how we can give you a great deal!