Steps to Prevent Bug Bites on your Vacation
  1. Steps to Prevent Bug Bites on your Vacation

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Steps to Prevent Bug Bites on your Vacation

Don't Let the Fear of Zika Keep you from Traveling

Zika is scary, don't get us wrong. But we don't want your fear to keep you from getting outside and enjoying this beautiful Charlotte weather. So whether you're booking your exciting summer getaways or planning an epic staycation, be sure to plan and pack accordingly to make sure you and yours come back happy and healthy.

1. Before all else, plan a safe destination

Because of the dangers facing pregnant women in particular, we recommend checking out this guide to learn where the Zika virus is prevalent and avoid these places when picking a spot to vacay.

2. Net your bed

We suggest picking a resort with good prevention, such as screens and air conditioning. However, if you choose a more camp-style approach, go prepared with a mosquito net to put over your bed for a more comfortable sleep.

3. Bug spray

This should be number 1 on your packing list. We recommend a bug spray with at least 20% DEET, as this will allot for about 5 hours of prevention from most bugs ' especially mosquitoes.

For babies under 2 months old, we do not recommend using bug spray, as the chemicals will be too intense. Instead, drape mosquito netting with an elastic edge (for a tight fit) over their carrier or car seat.

4. Clothing

It's debatable whether one should wear loose or tight fitted clothing, but regardless, you should layer them on. Every item of clothing is a layer between you and the bugs; you can even try a hat for more protection from the pests. When packing, aim for light colors like pastels and whites, as mosquitoes are most attracted to dark blues, grays and blacks.

5. Electric Tennis Racquet Swipe

A new bug repellent on the market is the electronic racquet. These tennis racquets zap bugs nearby and are great for when you're around food or need to kill a mosquito that has invaded your room.

6. Bug coils, fragrances, and fans, oh my!

There are many candles and coils you can buy to prevent mosquitoes from your inhabitance. Hanging coils from the ceilings, burning fragrances, and having a fan going, are all great, easy ways to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

7. Minimize sweat - and other sitting water

Mosquitoes breed in still sitting water. If there is any sitting water nearby, empty it immediately to prevent the Zika-transmitting pests. Try to avoid areas like ponds or swamps when out venturing, and after those long adventures, when you might have still water (sweat) sitting on you, be sure to dry off or shower to prevent bites!

With all this talk of bug prevention on vacation, you shouldn't have to come back home to the bugs! Schedule a service with our pest control experts today!