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  1. The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Lawn Enthusiasts

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Lawn Enthusiasts

Holiday Gift Ideas for Lawn Enthusiasts

If you’re trying to find the perfect holiday gift for the lawn enthusiast in your life — don’t worry, we’ve got your back.  Gift-giving is hard enough, especially when you’re trying to pick the perfect present for someone who loves their lawn more than anything else. Luckily, we also love lawns more than most, which is why we created this curated list of fun and unique gift ideas specifically for lawn aficionados. You may even want to buy some for yourself! Read on for the ultimate holiday gift guide to help you shop for that lawn enthusiast in your life. 

Gifts for the Animal Lover

1. Birdhouse

A small, but sweet gift idea is a birdhouse. Hang this modern ceramic birdhouse from a tree branch to provide a little charm and whimsy to any outdoor space. 

2. Birdbath 

This elegant birdbath will provide great bird watching any time of year, and fit into any aesthetic. If you live somewhere cold, you can look into purchasing a heated option that won’t freeze in the winter and attracts birds like Cardinals.

3. Dog Lawn Stake 

Are they obsessed with dogs? Then allow them to stake out their territory with this unique dog lawn stake that displays their house number. They even have every purebred breed to choose from!

4. Dog Statue

Here’s another gift for the dog lovers. These statues of common dog breeds can be placed anywhere in their yard to give it some personality and showcase their four-legged family members.

5. Memorial Stone 

If they have a beloved pet that has crossed the rainbow bridge, a memorial stone is a sentimental touch to remember them by. You can also get one engraved with the pet’s name to make this gift even more special.

Gifts for the Outdoor Entertainer

1. Essential Oil Candle 

Consider gifting a few essential oil candles to deter pests while they’re entertaining outside. These gorgeous citronella candles will make a beautiful centerpiece for any tablescape. Plus, the essentials oils will work wonders for deterring pests like mosquitoes

2. Fire Pit

There’s nothing quite like sitting around the firepit making s’mores in the wintertime! This simple iron fire pit will allow them to entertain outdoors with the ones they love most.  If they love to entertain all around the yard, here’s a smaller, more portable option that can be moved around the yard if needed. 

3. Outdoor Bar Cart

If they’re a pro at hosting parties and enjoy serving drinks, an elegant outdoor bar cart is a must. This bar cart is sleek and will fit well into any modern outdoor space.

4. Pizza Oven 

This present is ideal for outdoor and food lovers. They’ll love creating their own gourmet pizzas and testing out other fun recipes with a pizza oven. This stucco pizza oven looks rustic and authentic, and is made of cement so it will hold up in any weather. 

5. Outdoor Dining Set

If they want to enjoy their pizza outside, this stunning dining set is a perfect gift for dining outdoors and sharing meals and memories around the table. 

Gifts for the Gardener

1. Gardening Gloves

Are they constantly working in their garden? If so, a nice pair of gardening gloves will keep their hands looking pretty no matter how much dirt they play in. 

2. Garden Tools 

Who knew something like gardening tools could make a chic holiday gift? This sophisticated garden tool basket set has all the necessary tools for plucking weeds and keeping their lawn looking sharp. 

3. Raised Garden Bed

An elevated garden bed to grow fruits and vegetables will make any yard space more functional. They’ll be able to eat something they grew from nothing and appreciate the fruits of their labor (pardon the pun). 

4. Greenhouse

If they’re a serious gardener, they’ll reap the benefits of a greenhouse for their plants and seedlings, especially if they live somewhere that gets cold or harsh weather. If they have a small outdoor space, you may want to consider a smaller option, like this

5. John Deere Riding Mower

What’s more iconic than the green John Deere riding mower? This is a great option if they have a large lawn and don’t like pushing a mower. Maybe they’ll even let you take it out for a spin!

Gifts for the Homebody

1. New Plant for their Garden

How about a beautiful new plant they can care for and watch grow? Add some southern charm to their garden by giving them a Magnolia tree, Hydrangea bush, or Camellia shrub you can plant together. 

2. Bench

If they like to sit back and relax, a beautiful bench can serve as a statement piece in their yard and provide a space to soak in all their lawn’s glory. 

3. Hammock

Something as simple as a rope hammock will let them breathe in some fresh air and gently sway with the breeze.  However, if their yard doesn’t have trees to support a hammock, here’s a second option with a stand that will work on any lawn. 

4. Cornhole Boards

There are few things we love more in the South than a game of cornhole. So if they don’t have cornhole boards by now, they should! Customize the colors of this cornhole set for a personalized gift, or purchase this sports-themed set that features their favorite team.  If you’re really crafty, you may even decide to DIY your own cornhole boards!

5. Outdoor Theater

Create a backyard theater with an outdoor-friendly projector and screen to watch movies under the stars. This makes an amazing present for a family with kids, and you may even become the favorite family member!

The Ultimate Gift That Will Blow Them Away

Killingsworth Premium Lawn Care Package

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