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  1. The Value of Commercial Facility Disinfection

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

The Value of Commercial Facility Disinfection

Why Advanced Disinfection Services are Crucial for Your Business

As you’re probably aware, many factors go into maintaining your business’s reputation. From the quality of the products and services you sell, to the proficiency of your customer service team, all of this matters in making sure your business is successful. As a commercial business, these elements affect how your business is seen by the public. But, one crucial and often forgotten component in maintaining your business’s reputation is the cleanliness and sanitation of your company.  Sure, a cleaning company can simply wipe down the counters and take out the trash, but how do you know the presence of bacteria and other germs has actually been eliminated?  Anyone interacting with your business —whether employees or visitors in the form of customers, clients, guests, patients, or students — expects you to provide them with a clean and safe environment. This isn’t something people want, but rather something that is expected from the get-go. In other words, your business should be providing people with a safe and comfortable environment, which can easily be accomplished with advanced disinfection services. Below, you will find everything you need to know about disinfection services for your commercial facility, including how advanced disinfection services work and the benefits it can provide for your specific industry. 

Why Advanced Disinfection Services are Beneficial for Businesses

Keeping a healthy environment through disinfection services is the first step in providing a safe facility for everyone who comes in contact with your commercial business. Disinfection services should be standard — and in our opinion, mandatory — in every commercial facility in order to protect the health of the public.  Unlike a regular cleaning service, advanced disinfection services like our EnviroKlean Disinfection sanitize every surface inside of your business using powerful EPA-standard disinfectants that are applied with specialized equipment. 

How Advanced Disinfection Services Work

To properly disinfect the space, technicians spray a combination of powerful sanitation products that kill a long list of harmful viruses and bacteria on contact. Most notably, the infamous E. Coli and Salmonella bacterias that are the common causes of food poisoning. Our EnviroKlean Disinfection services also eliminate infectious bacteria that lead to health conditions like the Hantavirus, Staph Infection, Candida, Strep Throat, and more. These sanitation products also prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can have negative impacts on our health over time. Note: Advanced disinfection services are especially important if your business has been recently flooded and may have the presence of mold or mildew, has been infested by any type of disease-carrying pest, or deals with health-compromised patients such as a doctor’s office or assisted living facility. 

The Process Behind Advanced Disinfection Services

The application process behind our disinfection services is what makes this treatment so effective. Through an application technique called bio-fogging, a thin mist of product is evenly sprayed onto every indoor surface. Areas that are difficult to clean (and usually ignored) can finally be properly sanitized with this method. Plus, high-traffic areas that are in need of additional sanitation can be wiped down to ensure these are completely disinfected.  Typically, the disinfectant product is left to air dry for up to one hour, ensuring that all bacteria and viruses present have been eliminated with little downtime. The removal of odors is also a positive side-effect of disinfection services! Related: What to Do About Bed Bugs in The Workplace

How Advanced Disinfection Services Benefit Your Industry

Office Buildings

There’s a strong correlation between a clean work environment and employee sick days. Excessive sick days can lead to projects falling behind schedule and lower productivity overall. Keep employees healthy and protected against contagious bacteria and viruses by providing them with a disinfected environment to work in — this includes a pest-free office, too.  Related: The Benefits of Office Plants

Food and Retail

Without a doubt, in order for these types of businesses to succeed they must be clean. Otherwise, customers will have no desire to enter a food or retail business they deem unsatisfactory in terms of cleanliness. While this philosophy applies to both food and retail, it’s especially true for businesses that sell food. Customers base their decision to eat from your business off of the cleanliness of your restaurant. Because food can easily grow mold and bacteria, disinfection services can lower the chances of food contamination. 


Sadly, it’s a regular occurrence for guests to fall ill from staying at a hotel, whether it’s from a pest infestation or a virus. With so many people in and out of hotels, it’s important to maintain a proper sanitation routine. Contagious viruses like the common cold and flu are just a few of the germ types lingering in hotel rooms. To avoid exposing guests to illness, include regular disinfection services alongside your housekeeping protocol. 


The healthcare industry requires routine disinfection in order to keep patients healthy and safe. Patients with suppressed immune systems and other severe medical conditions are highly susceptible to contracting diseases and bacteria. Therefore, they must be protected at all costs. If you are a medical practice that sees patients in-person, an advanced disinfection service should already be a regular practice.


Finally, educational facilities are one of the most common places to contract a virus. Young children in daycares to adults at university-level institutions should not have to worry about bacteria or viruses. School is already hard enough! Use a disinfection service to keep attendance rates and your school’s reputation high. Knowing how to approach pest control in a school setting is easy, if you know how to do it. Learn more about Commercial Pest Control in Educational Facilities.  

Other Ways to Improve Your Business’ Presence and Reputation

Along with providing a safe and healthy environment through advanced disinfection services like EnviroKlean, there are other ways to improve your business’s reputation. This starts by taking care of your commercial property to maintain its value and provide a positive impression to anyone who visits.  SCHEDULE YOUR SERVICE