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  1. Why Do I Have Attic Mold?

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Why Do I Have Attic Mold?

Answers To Why Your Attic Is Moldy

It sure is getting cold outside, isn't it? Stuffy noses seem to be getting more and more common each day. Unfortunately, one of the main causes of these winter sniffles could be mold growth within the home. If you've ever wondered why you have attic mold, these five things could answer your question:

Roof issues

Often times, mold is caused by prior roof damage. As a rule of thumb, your family should have a roof inspection every three to five years.

Improper ventilation

Improper ventilation or insulation can cause a build-up in condensation which can turn into a nasty case of mold. It's important to keep an eye on those vents and replace when needed.

Improper exhaust fans

Dryer exhaust, kitchen exhaust, bathroom exhaust fans are all meant to pump air out of your home. If, for some reason, they are not working properly and moisture is being pumped throughout the home, you could be looking at a serious case of mold.

Water heater and furnace placement

If your family has a mold problem, and you own a water heater or furnace that's installed in your attic, this could be the root cause of your issue. Make sure you get a professional to double check your current system to ensure you are staying safe and mold-free!

Ice damming

When water can't properly drain from the roof, the stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for mold. Check your gutter system to ensure the water is running off properly.

As we said earlier, mold is a serious issue. If you can't identify the problem, perhaps it's time to schedule a service with Killingsworth's expert staff. We are committed to protecting your family from the danger that mold poses to your household.