Why We Need to Prevent Rodents From Invading
  1. Why We Need to Prevent Rodents From Invading

FEBRUARY 01 2022 /

Why We Need to Prevent Rodents From Invading

The Importance Of Keeping Rodents Out

Finding rodents in your home is an unpleasant experience that we hope none of you have to go through, but unfortunately it's a fairly common occurrence. Aside from inducing sheer terror, these creatures can cause some serious damage within your home.

Rodents like to seek warm shelter when the temperatures start to drop, which is why your house is the perfect attraction. They can fit through the tiniest of openings and will wreak havoc in your home once they are inside.

Why We Need to Prevent Rodents From Invading

  • Rodents carry more than 35 diseases on their bodies, which can spread to humans and potentially be fatal. The bacteria they carry can also contaminate food sources and kitchen surfaces causing food poisoning and spoilages.
  • Rodents can trigger dangerous allergies. Exposure to mouse droppings can cause asthma in children and adults.
  • Rodents can cause serious property damage and put your home at risk of a fire. They will gnaw and chew on just about anything they can find. Their teeth are sharp enough to chew through insulation, cardboard, plastic, wood, and electrical wires, which poses a major threat of a house fire.
  • Accidental fires and property damage caused by rodents is not always covered under standard home insurance policies. Cost for expensive repair bills may be unclaimable.

Once rodents get comfortable in your home, they will quickly multiply. It's important to take preventative measures, such as, containing all food and water sources near your house, sealing all holes around your house, and removing any potential nesting sites.

If you see any signs of rodents invading your house, schedule a service with us immediately! We will send one of our pest control professionals out to see you as soon as possible.