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Pest Control Monroe, NC

Looking for pest control Monroe, NC? You need to call Killingsworth Environmental. Our pros have over 28 years of experience helping homes and businesses with pest control for the greater Union County area.
Over that time, we have been asked, “But can you help with this”? And in almost all cases we have experience with that pest and can help you with your problem.
What kind of pests? Almost any that you could find (or can find you!) in Monroe, NC, or the greater Union County area. Whether you are experiencing problems with roaches, ants, mosquitoes, bedbugs, or rodents we can help you solve the problem. No matter where the problem is; inside, outside, basement, crawlspace, or attic, Killingsworth has your whole house covered.

Monroe, NC Pest Control Quote Over the Phone

Killingsworth is proud of our experience fighting pests in the Monroe NC area. Because of our experience, we can confidently give you an accurate quote over the phone. That means that when you call Killingsworth for a pest control quote there is no waiting on someone to drive to your home or business and quote your pest control in person.

With Killingsworth we can give you a pest control quote right over the phone. Call, schedule, and move on with your day.

Do I Need Repeated Pest Control Service in Monroe, NC

While we at Killingsworth do offer one-time treatments, unfortunately, the truth is that with many species like ants, roaches, and mosquitoes, we always suggest that homeowners go with an annual pest control service plan.
The reason is that when you notice insects or rodents they most likely have been in your home or property for a while. You have noticed the pests because the population gets so large that they can no longer stay out of sight. Which is where they prefer to be. A one-time service may not get rid of all the pests, it may just reduce the population for and while, and when the population builds you have a “new” problem.

A recurring service, we stay on top of the population so that it has less chance to grow and invade your home.
With a recurring plan, we come out to your home three times a year. We also can visit your home between scheduled visits if you notice a pest control problem.

What type of Pest Control do I need in Monroe, NC

While there are a bunch of different pests in Monroe NC, Killingsworth treats almost all of them.

In addition to what we do it is also important to stress what we don’t do. Killingsworth practices IPM or Integrated Pest Control Management to make sure we keep our treatments as effective and safe as possible. We work with your individual situation taking a host of factors into account. For instance, your home location, microclimate, pest problems all combine to find a pest control solution that solves your problem as efficiently as possible.

Another benefit of Integrated Pest Management is that it is one of the safest ways to control pests in your home or your yard. Our technicians can help you control nuisance and problem insects with this approach and keep you, your family, and home safe.

If you need pest control in Monroe, NC reach out to Killingsworth Environmental. But don’t take our word for it, check out some of our reviews. Call us for a free no obligation quote.


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