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How do I know if my Lawn Has a Disease?

Unfortunately, your lawn is subject to disease because it is a monoculture. Monoculture is when you grow a lot of the same plants together. Like a lawn with thousands or tens of thousands of the “same” plant. If a disease is introduced into the population, that sickness can spread from closely packed plant to closely packed plants very quickly. Even if you take great care of your lawn.

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What Type of Lawn Diseases does Charlotte NC have?

Most of the lawn disease that we see in the Charlotte area include brown patch, large patch, gray leaf spot, dollar spot, fairy rings, and pythium blight.

Nearly all lawn diseases are caused by pathogenic fungi that affect your lawn. Now whether the fungi attack the blades, stems, or the roots vary between what type of fungi you might have. Indications that you might have lawn diseases would be leaf spots, turf thinning, and discolored patches in your yard.

Lawn Disease Help Charlotte NC

Killingsworth guide to treating Charlotte lawn diseases

Killingsworth treats most lawn diseases with high quality fungicides that minimize the effects of the fungus and inhibits the funguses future growth. Treating on a preventative basis is key. Identifying the disease correctly is very important as different fungicides may be required depending on the type of disease. Most diseases we deal with in Charlotte are seen in the spring & summer months. Diseases need to be treated often, typically every 21-28 days during the season.

With Killingsworth our Service Professionals first help you ID your specific lawn disease and what is causing it. Hopefully it is something that is easily correctable like improper watering but even if it is more complex issue, we help find the root cause and can help you solve it! Our team has years and years of experience growing wonderful luxurious grass that helps highlight your homes beauty and gets your lawn where you want it to be.


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